Press Release May 1, 2013

For Immediate Release
Due to the increasing buyer activity there is a new twist in Real Estate Auctions
22 Year Auction Veteran offers Flat Fee Real Estate Auctions

-Land Rush Specialists-

$995 Flat Fee Real Estate Auctions – Call Now for More Info 406-272-ALAN (2526) Quality Auctions Introduces Flat Fee Real Estate Auctions

In todays marketplace it is important to preserve as much of your equity as possible. That is why 272ALAN Quality Auctions is introducing FLAT FEE REAL ESTATE AUCTIONS – No Commissions to the seller.

We work with your Realtor – no need to cancel your current listing. Instead of charging a percentage to the seller, we offer your property to the marketplace at public auction for a pre-paid Flat Fee of just $995. We accept cash, check, credit card, BitCoin or can barter for goods that we can auction later.

We make it EZ, you sign the agreement, we do all of the Marketing. You or your agent show the property to the prospective bidders. It is possible, in fact it happens frequently, to sell the property prior to the auction date. This method gets the serious buyers into ‘take action mode’.

We believe in our system so much that this is how we have sold our own real estate in the past. (plus several of our vehicles, house hold goods, including Alan’s prized Corvette, this system works to bring market value in an accelerated time frame)

You make the decision to accept or reject the high-bid at the auction.

Our Flat Fee will include:

  • Experienced, Professional Auctioneers and Marketers (Over 1500 Auctions since 1991)
  • Your property will be included in an upcoming Multi-Property Auction Event which are promoted via newspapers, on over 30 real estate and auction websites, promoted to our own in house list via phone, email, text and direct mail. Our website is promoted heavily via social media and other online venues.
  • Your property featured on our high traffic website,
  • Several photos and/or videos of your property on our website.
  • Guidance to potential bidders for mortgage pre-qualification thru partner lenders.

Need to sell? Want it sold quick?

We can plan and conduct an auction for you in as little as 2 weeks. In our company history, we have been selected to sell millions of dollars worth of residential, commercial, raw land, aircraft and personal property. Our past clients have included individuals, executors, attorneys, banks, small and large businesses, and all sizes of government. Previous auctions have been featured in local, regional, and national media including print, radio, and television.

With the recognition of the importance of ongoing interest costs and or the loss of return of capital locked up in idle assets, the marketplace has placed increased importance on the time value of money. This fact coupled with the added benefit of increased exposure of heavily marketed auction properties, has brought about an increase in the properties sold by the professionals of 272ALAN Quality Auctions.

An auction is an event where the bidders can observe the open competition and act in their interest in the marketplace. Sellers have the opportunity to obtain not only a willing buyer, but the best of all willing buyers. The auction method will produce an offer within 30 to 45 days from signing the auction listing agreement that will represent the best price the market will bear. Our firm has conducted over 1500 successful auctions utilizing various competitive bid strategies.