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We have a done over 1500 auctions since 1991, among them have been a few REALLY note worth ones:

  • Oprah Winfrey CA Horse Farm
  • Henry ‘Bob” Topping Estate.
    • Bob and his brother built the Yankee Stadium  or 36)and later sold it to  a major network. We got a lot of free local press and it was featured on the AP wire, which back then was a big deal for a small auction company in Idaho. We had over 700 people show up from as far away as Georgia. My company name then was Alan Vulk Auctions.
  • Gene Falk Estate Auction
    • Gene was the Vice President and General Manager of the LA Times, retired in Idaho and passed away shortly after moving to Idaho.

We have been featured on:

  • CNN
  • Forbes
  • Major blogs
  • Many other forms of media, print, radio and TV.